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Mint your own NFT collection
August 2, 2022

NMKR & Book Token announce strategic partnership

NMKR and Book Token join forces to release Book Token's second Cardano NFT based book
Book Token X NMKR
Book Token X NMKR

NMKR and Book Token announced their strategic partnership to release the 'Cardano for the Masses' book by John Greene. This book will give readers a broad overview of Cardano, its origins, and motivations. The book is an exceptional read for those looking to get started in understanding the possibilities with Cardano.

Readers should own the eBooks and audiobooks they buy. Book Token, having decades of experience within the publishing industry and building startups from scratch and NMKR, the infrastructure for NFT minting on the Cardano blockchain, will join forces to release Book Token's second book.

With NMKR's well-equipped infrastructure, publishers and authors will earn not only on first-time sales but also royalties on secondary sales in perpetuity. This entire decentralized network will be validated and secured by Book Token, the next chapter in the story of books.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Book Token on this book release," said Patrick Tobler, CEO and Founder at NMKR. "This is a perfect use case for our technology, and we are confident that our collaboration will result in more of such best-in-class books for the Cardano community."

Josh Stone, CEO of Book Token, said “One of the greatest things about the Cardano community is the willingness to collaborate. Working together to create more utility for the masses is vital to exponentially grow the ecosystem. Partnerships like this make sense, and it is a great step forward for readers.

The knowledge and technology of both companies are complementary to each other and will grow even closer in the future. Working together has proven to be beneficial as both parties have increased efficiency and gained valuable experience. The community will benefit from the added security and faster deliveries.


About NMKR

NMKR is a leading blockchain technology provider creating Web3 infrastructure to empower solutions for real-world utility. NMKR provides an ecosystem to companies, artists, developers, and self-starters in the crypto space to effortlessly develop products, make integrations, open additional revenue streams for art and brands, and provide a sustainable and secure ecosystem for blockchain-focused solutions. With a strong focus on accessibility and infrastructure, NMKR delivers a range of tools that offer easy-to-use development APIs and no-code building blocks, which can be modularized and integrated into the blockchain. These four specialized tools and services in the NMKR ecosystem are NMKR Studio, NMKR Games, NMKR Agency, and NMKR Store, which provide an interconnected system that sets new standards for development and NFT management. We build to enable.

About Book Token

Book Token is building the book ecosystem of the future. Finally, readers actually own their digital books and can sell them when they’re done enjoying them. This shift allows authors and publishers to receive royalty payments in perpetuity on the secondary sales while opening up new communication channels with their audience.