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Get more utility for your projects with the NMKR Token.

With the NMKR Token we've created a loyalty & utility Token that is being used to unlock features in NMKR products and can be earned by using NMKR products.

The NMKR Token at one glance

The NMKR Token is designed in a fair way, so that the majority of the token will be distributed to the actual users of NMKR products.



Upload thousands of files at once using our drag & drop bulk-upload feature.

FIAT Payments

Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay &Credit Card Payment for your NFT Mint.

Minting API

Build a custom integration by using our extensive Minting API.

Multi Media

Add as many media files as you like to your NFTs.

CIP68 & CIP25

Choose the NFT 
Standard that fits your requirements.

Sale Conditions

Use Allow-Lists and other Sale Conditons for your sale.

ETH &  Solana Payments

Accept ETH & Solana for your NFTs.


Create your own NFT or Token projects via No-Code tools


Integrate Secondary Market Royalties into your NFTs.

Community distribution
For 48 months, we will distribute 1% monthly of the total token supply directly to the community each month. The amount will be calculated based on the individuals activity in relation to the sum of all user activity in the ecosystem.
Direct sales
There will be three phases of direct sales. The vesting period depends on the type of purchase phase. The earlier people are involved, the longer their vesting periods and the lower the price will be.
Team allocation
The team allocation will be 16% in total and  has a more complex vesting period, to encourage long term development.
Stake pool
We are allocating 4.8% as rewards for staking with the NMKR stakepool. For 48 months, each month 0.1% will be distributed to delegates in relation relative to their stake.
The remaining 1.2% will be distributed via an Airdrop as a thank you to everyone in the Cardano Community and should help to further maximise the distribution of the $NMKR token.
The $NMKR token will be at the centre of our ecosystem, we want to ensure that it is widely distributed amongst our community, while ensuring that our core team retains the ability to guide the development.


48% Community
16% Team allocation
15% IDO
7.5% Presale
7.5% ICO
4.8% Stake pool
1.2% Airdrops