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About NMKR
NMKR is the world‘s leading brand to create a suite of tools that help companies, artists, developers, and self-starters develop blockchain products. With a strong focus on accessibility, NMKR has created a mix of easy-to-use development APIs and no-code building blocks, which can be combined in a modular way and bundled them up into their core product NMKR Studio.

This enables users to integrate blockchain technologies into their new or existing products effortlessly. NMKR Studio operates on the Cardano blockchain, allowing the transaction fees to be as low as possible while having almost no environmental impact due to the Proof of Stake approach. The additional NMKR Studio service aims directly toward brands and companies to create a white label API solution by developing a branded NFT marketplace, trading platform, or launching a customized collection. NMKR Studio has currently minted more than 1 Million NFTs. 

While NMKR Studio is the foundation that provides users with tools to create and build on blockchain technology, NMKRs progressive vision will be underlined by upcoming additional platforms and services in the NMKR ecosystem. 

With the NMKR Games platform launching soon, NMKR will settle the next standard for the game development industry. NMKR Games will provide a game development studio for high-quality games that have set their focus on gameplay and the technological advantages of the blockchain. 

NMKR Pay is our standardized sales checkout system for NFT sales. It is a smart contract-based system that allows users to purchase Cardano tokens with FIAT or ADA. Buying these tokens has never been easier, as it integrates all major wallets. Any project can add this interface to their website to enable Cardano-related NFT or token purchases.

NMKR aims to lower barriers and increase the adoption of Cardano. Therefore the newly founded NMKR Agency will be the first touchpoint for artists and companies that seek support in building blockchain products or want to integrate blockchain into their existing products. 

To optimize NFT management after the minting process, NMKR will soon be launching the NMKR Store. The focus of the NMKR Store will lie in a seamless user experience for anyone who wants to utilize and transfer their digital assets. NMKR Store will be suitable for all ranges of projects that want to integrate NFTs into their systems and for single users who seek to buy or sell NFTs.
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