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Success Stories

Few inspiring stories that highlight the positive outcomes our client's have experienced.

Our Clients

What Our Customers Say

Martin Lawrence

Actor, Martin NFTs

Great experience to launch with NMKR!

Sri Charan

CEO & Founder, Nucast

NMKR has been a fantastic partner, delivering innovative Web3 & NFT solutions & robust knowledge of this space which has allowed us to deliver a high-quality, seamless user experience for our community.

Cardano Foundation


The NMKR ecosystem is one of the thriving projects on Cardano. We look forward to keep joining forces in the years to come with NMKR and its highly professional team.

Josh Miller

VP of Partnerships, Reflekt

Working with NMKR guaranteed a smooth process to go to market. Their tooling and studio put clients right in control, while offering the best solutions for success. Their team is second to none in support and customer service.

RJ Regenold


NMKR is the foundation that builders can build on. From no-code minting to a fully integrated API, NMKR allows you to create whatever you can imagine. And if you run into trouble at any point, their incredible support team is there to help (seriously, I don't think they sleep). I have nothing but positive things to say about our partnership with NMKR.

Charles Stanton

CMO, ForJ by Animoca Brands

NMKR are at the pinnacle of NFT user experience and professionalism, and without doubt a fundamental builder within the Cardano ecosystem. Working alongside them has been a pleasure, and we’re very much looking forward to further expanding our services into the CNFT community with their capable guidance and support.

Switzerland Global Enterprise

Switzerland Global Enterprisetor

We at Switzerland Global Enterprise support foreign companies in establishing their footprint in Switzerland. It was a great pleasure to work with such an innovative company like NMKR during their expansion journey and have them as a valuable new player in the growing Swiss blockchain ecosystem.

Monty Metzger

CEO & Founder, LCX

For seasoned developers, we are impressed by the depth and functionality of NMKR's development APIs. The flexibility to mix and match the various APIs allows us to create a customized solution for any of our clients. The NMKR team is also a pleasure to work with, consistently delivering top-notch support and expertise. I highly recommend NMKR to anyone looking for high-quality tools to develop blockchain products.

Florian Pittini


The NMKR team sets the standard for reliability. Their swift and efficient work ethic ensures timely completion of projects without compromising on quality. With their extensive knowledge and professional approach, the NMKR team consistently exceeds expectations, making them a trusted choice for any NFT endeavor.

Jesse Moynihan

Artist & Founder, Jesus 2

NMKR are a team of genuinely good and brilliant people. From my earliest involvement with the CNFT ecosystem, they have been there to help me get my footing and understand what it takes to sustain a successful project.

Row Weber

CEO & Founder, Metadibs & ORE ORE ORE

Working with Patrick Tobler and his NMKR Team for nearly two years now has been an absolute growing experience. NMKR provided custom solutions that have exceeded our expectations and his dedication to the technical aspect of our products as well as the people behind them truly sets this company apart. I wholeheartedly recommend him and his team to anyone in need of exceptional support and expertise.

Marvin Kaes

Head of Entrepreneurship Center, RWTH Aachen

NMKR is an innovative startup in one of the most promising tech markets. The team is a perfect fit for RWTH Innovation to create the future of tech in Germany.

Charles Hoskinson

CEO & Founder, IOG & Cardano

This is an important step for IOG and our mission to build a better tomorrow for everyone through technology. We are excited to be working with NMKR as they develop an entire minting and payment infrastructure ecosystem, making NFTs accessible for everyone.

Matthew Jura

CG Artist, Matthew Jura

NMKR is built with the user in mind from the get-go, making it a number one platform for everyone looking for a top-tier web3 payment and minting system.

Nolan Clark

Marketing Director, The Mekong Club

NMKR was an indispensable partner in our nonprofit's journey to harness the power of NFTs for fundraising. Their expertise, unwavering commitment, and creative problem-solving skills made the process of getting our project off the ground a breeze. We were constantly impressed by their dedication and innovative ideas, and we couldn't imagine achieving our success without their support.


Founder, Whiskees

We had a great time using NMKR Pay for our NFT launch.  We were able to set our prices in $USD vs ADA which was essential as our project ties in real-world utility as we bridge the digital and physical world with our NFTs.  Overall, user transactions were seamless and people found it exceptionally cool that they could pay for their NFTs using NMKR Pay credit card function. Will definitely use again on our future planned launches!



NMKR has been an absolute lifesaver for us! Their reliable website and user-friendly API saved us countless hours of development for our own NFT minting infrastructure. The team behind NMKR has been incredibly helpful and responsive throughout the process. TURF wouldn't have been the same without their invaluable support.


Founder, Danketsu

Working with NMKR has been an absolute revelation. Through their guidance, support and advice we have been able to take Danketsu to the next level. Cannot recommend the whole team and platform enough

Björn Heinze

CEO, Smart Places

NMKR has been our partner in minting our NFT landplots from the very beginning.Together we managed to realize the idea of minting NFTs "on the fly" which was a real challenge. The team of NMKR supported us all the time with excellent know-how and in a very trustworthy way. It is great to have such a professional and experienced team on our side.