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Few inspiring stories that highlight the positive outcomes our client's have experienced.

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Success stories

Learn about what's possible with NMKR

Trusted by thousands of businesses & creators to launch
their own NFT or Tokenization projects

What our customers say

“[...] We are excited to be working with NMKR as they develop an entire minting and payment infrastructure ecosystem, making NFTs accessible for everyone”

Charles Hoskinson
CEO, IOG & Founder, Cardano
NMKR are at the pinnacle of NFT user experience and professionalism [...].”

Charles Stanton
CMO, Forj (Animoca Brands)
“The NMKR Ecosystem is one of the thriving projects on Cardano. We look forward to keep joining forces in the years to come with NMKR and its highly professional team.”
“[...] I highly recommend NMKR to anyone looking for high-quality tools to develop blockchain products.

NMKR is the foundation that builders can build on. [...] If you run into trouble at any point, their incredible support team is there to help.”

RJ Regenold
“Working with NMKR guaranteed a smooth process to go to market. [...] Their team is second to none in support and customer service”
Joshua Miller
VP of Partnerships, cWorld
”Great experience to launch with NMKR!
Martin Lawrence, Martin: The Reunion NFTs

Launch your first collection without any upfront costs