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January 19, 2023

FAQ: NMKR Stake Pool Offering & Seaplane NFTs

Answering your most pressing questions
NMKR Stake Pool Offering & Seaplane NFT FAQ
NMKR Stake Pool Offering & Seaplane NFT FAQ

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the NMKR Stake Pool Offering (SPO) and NFT Launch. Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the upcoming SPO and NFT launch.

The SPO will provide an opportunity for interested parties to receive NMKR Utility Tokens without purchasing them, by delegating to the NMKR Stake Pool, while the NFTs will introduce a way to increase the amount of NMKR Tokens earned in the SPO. The SPO and NFT launch is a significant milestone for the NMKR platform and community, and we are excited to share more information about it with you. We hope that this FAQ will provide you with a better understanding of the SPO and NFT launch and help you make an informed decision about participating.

When additional question come up, we will make sure to keep adding them here.

What does the 99% fee/margin mean? Will I still receive ADA rewards?

The fee or margin of 99% means that the ADA rewards the Pool receives won’t be distributed to the delegators. Instead we offer an attractive reward rate for our delegators, which means that by staking your ADA with us, you will receive more NMKR tokens in return than you would receive for buying tokens for the current ADA price on the market for the expected ADA return-rate from staking on a 0% stake pool. This creates an incentive for delegators to delegate their ADA to our stake pool rather than staking on other pools.

Can I stake NMKR Tokens with the NMKR Pool?

There is no staking of NMKR with the NMKR Pool. NMKR Tokens will be distributed as reward for staking ADA with NMKR Pool.

How to access the NMKR Token Dashboard?

There will be a link on the official website. Important: Only use official sources! 

Always verify, never trust.

How do I qualify as early delegator of the NMKR Pool?
You qualify as early delegator if you delegated ADA to the NMKR Pool already in 2022.

What is the calculation base for the rewards of early delegators?

We will allocate 3 months worth of Tokens from our initial distribution plans (so 0.3% of all Token Supply) to delegators from 2022 based on how long they delegated to NMKR & how large their share of the pool was. These 3 months worth of Tokens will be distributed under a 6 month vesting period.

In addition, every delegator that delegated in 2022 will receive 1 NMKR SPO NFT.

How will the NMKR rewards be calculated?

To answer this question let's define some variables first:

- Your Delegated ADA A; Example A = 10 000
- Total Delegated ADA T; Example T = 1 000 000

- Total ADA Rewards Last Month R; Example R = 3000

- Average ADA/NMKR Price Last Month P; Example P = 0.01

- Amount of NMKR SPO Seaplane Booster NFTs you hold S; Example S = 10

Then lets go through the calculation:

  1. Calculate your influence on the total Reward

    A / T = CT

    Example: 10 000 / 1 000 000 = 0.01

    Example Result: You were responsible for 1% of Rewards based on your influence over the total delegation on the pool

  2. Calculate your theoretical ADA Rewards in this month

    R * CT = TR

    Example = 3000 * 0.01 = 30

    Example Result: You would've earned 30 ADA last month

  1. Calculate the amount of NMKR that you could’ve purchased with this ADA

    TR * P = TN

    Example = 30 / 0.01 = 3000

    Example Result: You would’ve been able to purchase 3000 NMKR Tokens for your theoretical rewards at this price.

  2. Apply Bonuses (15% bonus on top of the average ADA price of last month + 0.1% Multiplier per Seaplane NFT)

    TN * 1.15 * (0.001 * S + 1) = AR

    Example = 3000 * 1.15 * (0.001 * 10 + 1) = 3484,5

    Example Result: You will receive a total of 3622.5 NMKR Tokens for delegation to the pool for 1 month

What is the minimum to stake?

There is no minimum amount of ADA to stake with the NMKR Pool, but there is a minimum duration of 1 month to be eligible to receive the NMKR rewards.

What will the vesting look like? Do I hold vested tokens in my wallet and can I use NMKR for farming while it is vested?

You will be able to claim the Tokens from the Token Dashboard once the vesting period is over, so unfortunately no - you won’t be able to use them for Farming during the vesting period

How long will the ISPO run?

This depends on the ADA Staked, the NFTs used and the amount of NMKR Tokens left for distribution.

We’re going to distribute a total of 450 000 000 NMKR Tokens in total.

If there is a consistent delegation of e.g. 30 Million ADA to our pool with a total return of 4% per year, this would mean that each month around 100 000 ADA of rewards for the pool will be produced.

If we then calculate this number with the above formula at e.g. a fixed price of 0.01 ADA per NMKR Token we come to the conclusion that each month we’ll be distributing 11 500 000 NMKR Tokens

If all NFTs are minted and apply that would give an addition Multiplier of 10 to this number, so that each month we’d be distributing 100 Million NMKR Tokens.

In that case after only 4.5 months, the SPO is over.

BUT if the NMKR Price rises or if the delegation stays lower, the distributed Tokens would be a lot less and the SPO would go on for longer.

NMKR Seaplane NFTs

Where can I buy the SPO NFTs? / Where can I claim my SPO NFT as early delegator?

The Seaplane NFTs will be purchasable from NMKR.IO starting January 19th at 7pm UTC.

The mint will go on until the NFTs are sold out.

How often can I stack the SPO NFTs?

The NMKR SPO NFTs can be stacked as often as you want.

What is the multiplier for one SPO NFT?

Each SPO NFT will act as an 0.1% multiplier for your NMKR rewards.

So if you hold 10 SPO NFTs you will get a 1% Boost on your NMKR SPO Rewards.

If you hold 100 SPO NFTs you will get a 10% Boost.

Will there be a free claimable SPO NFT for ICO and pre-sale investors

No. Unfortunately we do not have the full wallet list of ICO participants, so its not possible for us to include those in the Free NFTs.

Do I have to do anything to claim my free NFT if I delegated in 2022?

No. It will be airdropped directly into your wallet.

How do I check if I'm eligible for a free Seaplane NFT?

Here's the full list of wallets receiving an NFT:

Will the SPO NFTs have future utility besides the Stake Pool Boosting?

Yes! We will announce more information in due time.

Do the rarities have any influence over SPO rewards?


What is the policy ID of the Seaplane NFTs?