Cardano got attacked

And we minted 1000 NFTs while it was happening
June 26, 2024
Cardano got attacked and we minted 1000 NFTs while it was happening
Cardano got attacked and we minted 1000 NFTs while it was happening

Yesterday, the Cardano blockchain faced a high-stakes DDOS attack, an attempt to flood the network with traffic and disrupt its operations.

But at NMKR, we didn't flinch. Despite the chaos, we successfully minted a significant number of NFTs, proving our resilience and the robustness of the Cardano network.

Network Resilience

This DDOS attack was a deliberate effort to cripple Cardano by overloading it with transactions. Yet, thanks to Cardano's robust architecture and our rock-solid infrastructure at NMKR, we kept the NFT minting engine running smoothly. While the attackers aimed to cause delays and confusion, we stayed steady and on course.

NMKR's Role

At NMKR, we're proud to be at the forefront of the NFT revolution on Cardano. With over 2.7 million NFTs minted, our platform has become a cornerstone for artists, brands, and end-users. We simplify the NFT journey with easy onboarding, seamless minting, and efficient secondary market tools. This accessibility has made NMKR an essential player in the Cardano ecosystem.

During the attack, our continued operations underscored our platform's reliability. This wasn’t just about surviving an attack; it was about showing the world that NMKR and Cardano are built to handle the unexpected. Our technical prowess and Cardano’s secure network architecture ensure that our users can trust their assets with us, even in turbulent times.

Looking Ahead

This experience reinforces the importance of robust systems and preparedness in the blockchain world. By navigating through the DDOS attack without a hitch, we’ve demonstrated that Cardano isn’t just resilient; we’re unstoppable. Our success during this attack is a testament to our commitment to providing a secure and seamless experience for NFT creators and collectors.

As Cardano continues to grow, the lessons from this incident will only make us stronger. We’re dedicated to supporting the Cardano ecosystem, ensuring that no matter what comes our way, NMKR will stand tall, delivering excellence every step of the way.

For the latest updates and exciting developments, stay tuned to our official channels. We're just getting started!

Thanks for reading!

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