NMKR & Wolfram Blockchain Labs: A natural fit

Learn how NMKR and Wolfram Blockchain Labs are planning to collaborate in the future
May 6, 2022
Wolfram X NMKR
Wolfram X NMKR

As the leading provider of Computational Intelligence, Wolfram Research subsidiary Wolfram Blockchain Labs (WBL) is committed to helping organizations achieve their goals in the Web3 space. NMKR's experience working with WBL on projects such as the CNFT Awards in February 2022 and the ongoing NMKR token launch has proven to be an invaluable partnership. NMKR and WBL will continue to collaborate on many amazing projects in the future.

NMKR is no stranger to collaborative efforts. The company has a history of working with other businesses and organizations to create amazing projects. For NMKR, the collaboration with WBL was a natural fit.

The CNFT Awards demonstrated the beginnings of a sound partnership between NMKR and WBL. The event showcased the best and brightest talent of the Cardano community. NMKR provided the vision for the CNFT Awards and the technology to connect the community. WBL supplied, cleaned, structured, analyzed and visualized the data and made it computable.

"The NMKR team is excited to be working with Wolfram Blockchain Labs and we believe that this partnership will allow us to create the best possible solution for the NFT community," said Patrick Tobler, CEO and founder of NMKR.

"Patrick and the NMKR team have proved an ability to execute and bring communities together where the true power lies in Web3. We're excited for this strategic relationship between WBL and NMKR and hope to equip all NFT communities with the knowledge they require," said Jon Woodard, CEO of Wolfram Blockchain Labs.

Woodard's experience at Wolfram has given him a unique perspective on how technology evolves. He began at Wolfram on the team that successfully commercialized Wolfram|Alpha. From there, Woodard began working more closely with Stephen Wolfram, CEO and founder of Wolfram Research, on a range of important projects and ultimately took responsibility for standing up the subsidiary Wolfram Blockchain Labs.

The two companies, NMKR and WBL, are now strategic partners and WBL will help support the ongoing $NMKR launch. As a strategic partner, Woodard will be joining NMKR as a member of the advisory board.

The NMKR team is very excited to be working with WBL! At NMKR, they believe WBL's work will help them to achieve their goal of making NFTs more accessible and easy to use for everyone. NMKR is looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership with WBL.


About NMKR

NMKR is the world's leading brand to enable NFT minting on Cardano for a mainstream audience. The easily accessible interface and simple process provide a comprehensive digital art platform to mint, view and trade NFTs. The platform operates on the Cardano blockchain, allowing the transaction fees to be as low as possible while having almost no environmental impact due to the Proof of Stake approach. The additional NMKR Studio service aims directly toward brands and companies to create a white label API solution by developing a branded NFT marketplace, creating a trading platform or launching a customized collection. NMKR has currently minted more than 900,000 NFTs.

About Wolfram Blockchain Labs

Wolfram has been a renowned leader in algorithmic computation, data science, artificial intelligence and canonical knowledge delivery since 1987. Privately held, it has a consistent and unwavering objective to make the long-term investments needed to democratize sophisticated computation and knowledge. Today, Wolfram, through its subsidiary Wolfram Blockchain Labs (WBL), specializes in providing Computational Intelligence for blockchain ecosystems. This includes blockchain intelligence for Web3 stakeholders (NFT communities, developers, users, etc.) and for smart contracts.

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