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Faces 04 Collection | Chadi Nassar's NFT Artwork for UNHCR

an exclusive NFT in collaboration with artist Fabio Giampietro
The Faces 04 Collection is a collection of 88 AI-generated NFTs by Chadi Nassar, a former biochemist and luxury jeweler who became a crypto artist.

The collection supports the UNHCR’s humanitarian work by donating 50% of the funds raised to their 8 emergency causes. The NFTs are colorful and unique, representing a world without conflict and a vision for sustainable development.

By buying these NFTs, you are not only getting beautiful art, but also making a difference in the world. Join the movement and be part of the future of fundraising with art and blockchain.

Mint to support refugees

Chadi Nassar
The Faces 04
If you're ready to dive into the world of NFTs and make a meaningful impact, join us! Add a piece (or several) of the Faces 04 Collection to your digital portfolio.

Price: 288 ADA per NFT

After buying your NFT you'll have the opportunity to burn it at any point. This will remove it from the blockchain and instead you'll receive a physical print of the NFT.
How many?
Supported by
Cardano Foundation

A welcome message from Chadi

Hey there!

So, you've found yourself here at the intersection of art and blockchain, looking for something that speaks to your heart, catches your eye, and maybe even does a little good for the world. Look no further! Get ready to be amazed by the Faces 04 Collection, a vibrant splash of digital creativity conceived by the ultra-talented Chadi Nassar, in collaboration with the UNHCR.

Now, you might be thinking, "But what is the Faces 04 Collection?"

It's an assembly of 88 unique, AI-generated Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with a mission at their core. No, really! Each piece of this collection doesn't just look amazing—it symbolizes a world without conflict and directly supports the 8 ongoing UNHCR emergencies. Now that's what we call the power of art!

These NFTs aren't just about being a part of your digital collection—they're a lifeline supporting UN's Sustainable Development Goals, such as reducing poverty, promoting peace, justice, and more. The best part? 50% of the funds raised from these NFTs go straight to UNHCR's efforts to address these global goals.

"But who's this Chadi Nassar dude?" you might be asking.

Well, sit tight, because his story is as intriguing as his art. Born in Dubai and of Lebanese origins, Chadi speaks four languages, has a Biochemistry degree and an MBA, and once worked in the luxury jewelry and watch industry. A wild ride, right?

His journey to art might not have been a straight path—it's been more like a winding road through a vivid landscape of imagination, creation, and re-discovery. From designing LEGO masterpieces as a kid to being lost in a world of science and then, decades later, rediscovering his passion for art during the lockdown, Chadi's life is nothing short of a rollercoaster. And we're here for the ride!

But it doesn't stop there. Chadi is a full-time crypto enthusiast and AI-generative artist, pioneering new forms of expression through all available AI mediums. His bold decision to walk away from corporate life to dedicate himself fully to art and crypto has resulted in the stunning Faces 04 Collection we see today.

So, if you're ready to dive into the world of NFTs and make a meaningful impact, join us! Add a piece (or several) of the Faces 04 Collection to your digital portfolio. Trust us, art has never felt so good. Because with Chadi's work, you're not just buying art—you're supporting a movement.

Be part of this exciting journey and let's shape the future of fundraising together.

Welcome aboard!