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NMKR Seaplane Drop

Get your multiplier for the NMKR Stake Pool Offering and earn more NMKR Tokens!

Hold the NFT in your wallet and get a 0.5 ADA Fee discount every single NFT Mint purchase through NMKR.

Collect 10 000 unique Seaplanes and trade them with your friends.

About the seaplanes

Our NMKR Seaplane NFTs are lovingly illustrated by hand. The drop includes 10,000 NFTs. Holding one or more of them in your wallet will add a multiplier to the Stake Pool rewards!

The policy ID of the Seaplanes is: f06c76a0bd1bcc12813f63793551aa782b0f7aa59bf1c99ddd5eebff
spo FAq

Token mutiplier

For each NFT you receive a multplier of 0.1%. You can stack as many NFTs as you want.
Multiplies your NMKR Tokens x 0.1%
10 NFTs
Multiplies your NMKR Tokens x 1%
100 NFTs
Multiplies your NMKR Tokens x 10%


NMKR Bronze
60% chance
NMKR Silver
30% chance
10% chance

Example NFTs