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The first claiming phase of the $NMKR Airdop is now live!
Claim now
Stake pool
NMKR Stakepool
JAN 22
340 ADA
~ 4M ADA
THE Stakepool for nft enthusiasts
Join and get rewarded
We want to make our stake pool a fun experience by offering NFT enthusiasts and the Cardano community the best possible rewards.
Cost-effective fees
Gain an additional 0.5 ADA in any minting transaction by staking 5k ADA or more, or get a customized deal to suit your project!
Token distributions
We are allocating 4.8% for staking with the NMKR stakepool. The starting date for this will be announced soon.
Exclusive NFT airdrops
If you want to be the first on your block with all of our newest creations, we’ve got a deal for ya!
Studio exchange fees
We offer lower exchange fees for trading NFTs on Cardano than other exchange platforms.
How to delegate your stake
Step 2
Access your wallet and follow the instructions to delegate. In most wallets the function to stake is under ‘Stake’, ‘Staking’ or ‘Delegate’. Search for our ticker ‘NMKR’ and select how much ADA you want to stake.
Step 3
The rewards from NMKR stake pool celebrate the NFT enthusiasts like you!
Step 1
Choose wallet
Either set up a new Cardano wallet or choose an existing one. You need ADA to stake, so please make sure your wallet is not empty. We don’t have a staking minimum, but some wallets requiere for you to hold a minimum amount of ADA for transactions.
Our wallet recommendations:
Gero WalletYoroi WalletTyphon WalletFlint WalletCard WalletEternal Wallet
Gero WalletYoroi WalletTyphon Wallet
Flint WalletCard WalletEternal Wallet
Or any other Cardano wallet that supports staking.
What is a stake pool?
How does it work?
Can I lose ADA or $NMKR in the staking pool?
What stake pool performance metrics are important?
Customer success is always our top priority - That's why we are here to help at any step along your journey. You can reach us best via Email and our dedicated support team will get back to you