Sell and Purchase NFTs with any Cardano Token

Starting today creators & businesses can sell NFTs using any Cardano Native Tokens in NMKR
February 1, 2023
Sell NFTs using Native Tokens
Sell NFTs using Native Tokens


today we're sharing an exciting announcement with you:

Creators and businesses can now accept any Cardano Native Tokens (like WMT, MIN, AGIX, MELD, LQ, HOSKY, etc.) and even other NFTs for as payments for their NFTs.

This can be set-up very easily directly in NMKR Studio and works both with the NMKR API and with NMKR Pay.


In addition to this announcement, COTI launched the very first collateralized stablecoin on Cardano yesterday, named DJED.

By accepting Native Tokens as Payments, we support DJED from the get-go.

This means you can now start and sell NFTs for Stable Coins on Cardano,

Next Steps

If you'd like to try this new exciting feature out, feel free to head over to NMKR Studio, set-up a new project and sell NFTs for Native Tokens in less than a few minutes: Click here to continue

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