Developing bridges to enrich your Cardano NFT launch

NMKR partners with CNFT Calendar
November 10, 2021
CNFT Calendar
CNFT Calendar

As we continue to develop more and more features at NMKR, so too will we establish key partnerships that strengthen the whole ecosystem. Today we have the pleasure of announcing another development that will enrich the experience of managing and selling your NFTs on Cardano.

CNFTCalendar is the first event calendar for the Cardano NFT industry, covering the most interesting events and launches. Launched at the beginning of September, the team is constantly evolving their features list of exciting ways to highlight and promote your launch.

Each product launch is provided the platform to display your best in the featured showcase and there is a “Launch of the week” for the most appreciated project as voted by the most important group: the community! Visitors to their site can like their favourite upcoming events and share their excitement directly to Twitter. In addition to all this, they have just launched their Discord to help illuminate the best projects to the fans directly.

So, How will it work?

The logistics of this is beautifully simple. NMKR and CNFT Calendar will develop direct links to each others’ platforms to create a “one button connection” that would allow you to migrate the information of your launch to the other for a seamless experience that will provide convenience and efficiency for the marketing teams or leaders of each project. The final details of this will be revealed shortly, so please stay tuned.

However, if you are ready to roll out right now, you can get started immediately, and it couldn’t be more straightforward. You complete a 1 page form with the details of your project and await your confirmation, and that's it! Please visit to see it all in action, and maybe you might even discover the next “Hoskinsons”.

If there is one thing that is universally certain it’s the old adage; “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” CNFT Calendar will help to ensure you are properly prepared for your launch events and your audience is eagerly anticipating your arrival.

This exciting development underpins the determination that we have to establish the Cardano community as the most collaborative and supportive in the Cryptoverse. Our mission is to ensure that you have the most successful launch possible, and with the marketing power of CNFT Calendar, you will be even closer to that perfect start.

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