ADA Handle to equip NMKR for future marketplace success

Jointly creating a better crypto experience: NMKR to partner with ADA Handle
November 5, 2021

NMKR, the world’s leading brand to enable NFT interaction on Cardano, today announced a partnership with ADA Handle, to integrate custom wallet addresses within the NMKR ecosystem. By simplifying and improving the customer experience, both brands seek to attract more people to the NFT and crypto world as the general digitalisation is affecting more traditional industries and communities.

The partnership will allow NMKR to equip their future marketplace with the right tools to create a simple sending-and-receiving experience and implement multiple features for customization to offer the community a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to buy, sell and trade NFTs. While the world is currently witnessing digital art as one of the fastest emerging industries, NMKR seeks to provide a one-stop-solution for everybody, connecting the traditional art industry with the digital world and creating benefits for everyone involved.

“Having ADA Handles on board to truly offer customized wallet addresses within our ecosystem is the next logical step for us”, said Patrick Tobler, CEO of yellow house GmbH and Founder of NMKR. “I’m beyond excited about this partnership and all the upcoming opportunities for our community. This is just the beginning of a promising future we are about to explore.”

This joint partnership follows the success story NMKR has had within the industry, amplifying the hype for NFTs and crypto. Combining this with an easily accessible interface, and a simple minting process, they are set to bestow the inherent values and opportunities of NFTs to everyone.

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