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Mint your own NFT collection
August 16, 2022

NMKR token to be listed on Bitrue, Asian markets await

NMKR X Bitrue
NMKR X Bitrue
NMKR X Bitrue

NMKR, a leading blockchain technology provider, is elated to announce that its token will be listed on Bitrue, a major cryptocurrency exchange catering to the Asian markets. This listing opens up new opportunities for liquidity and coverage in some of the most promising markets for cryptocurrencies. Since the successful ICO and IDO in Q 2022, NMKR has got listed on 4 DEXs and LCX, with increasing volumes and demand from investors.

The target audience is all NMKR token investors, the entire Cardano community, and everyone who is interested in token trading, especially when it comes to utility-centered assets. 

Bitrue is a financial services company that provides safe and convenient ways to trade, invest or purchase cryptocurrency. They offer diversified products for all crypto needs, including trading, investing, purchasing, staking, borrowing, and more. On Bitrue, KYC is necessary for investors to go through this process.

"The listing of NMKR on Bitrue is a significant development for the project. It will help us expand our reach and user base. We are confident that this listing will contribute to the growth of NMKR in the coming days," said Patrick Tober, CEO, and Founder of NMKR.

The NMKR team is confident that the listing NMKR token on Bitrue will help it garner more visibility and adoption in the Asian markets.

Please follow NMKR on social media for further updates:

Twitter: @nmkr_io

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Linkedin: nmkrio

Youtube: nmkr_io

Medium: @nmkr_io