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Mint your own NFT collection
August 17, 2022

NMKR playground: A safe space to experiment and create

Experiment with new tools and products coming directly from the NMKR development team
Introducing NMKR Playground
Introducing NMKR Playground

Introducing NMKR Playground: A safe space where you can test and express your creative side on new experimental tools coming directly from the NMKR development team.  The goal is to create a series of experimental products that users can test-drive, from which the NMKR team can learn, measure, and iterate.

These products in Playground represent a new direction for NMKR as the NMKR team focuses on developing and experimenting with new things outside the core product catalog. The Playground is not meant to result in flawless creations, and that's okay - we all are just trying to learn along the way.

The first product NMKR Playground will host is NMKR Mint. NMKR Mint will not substitute NMKR Studio; it is simply another option created to serve a specific purpose, i.e., it is designed for those who want to launch small-scale NFT collections without having to deal with technicalities.

What's more, it offers many customization options in media uploads (images, videos, music, etc.), making it much more versatile than other NFT minting solutions. The idea of NMKR Mint is to make it a part of the upcoming marketplace called NMKR Store, but for now, it will only be available on the NMKR Playground.

"The goal is to create a safe space for users where they can experiment and express their creative side with new ideas without having to worry about getting it perfect. We're constantly trying to improve our products, and receiving feedback through this initiative is just one way we can do that," said Patrick Tobler, Founder, and CEO of NMKR. "NMKR Playground won't affect the stability of our core products. Overall, it is just a method for us to maintain high-quality standards while also allowing us to try new things."

The Playground is an exciting new project that allows users to have more freedom over their projects. The NMKR team looks forward to seeing what users create and how they use these tools. So go ahead, experiment away!

For more information, please check the website: