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Mint your own NFT collection
September 1, 2022


Create your NFT identity

Dear NMKR community,

This week, we are happy to bring you the story of the leadership team behind IAMX: Tim Heidfeld (CEO), Dennis Mittmann (CTO), and Tim Brückmann (CMO).

IAMX AG was founded in Zug, Switzerland, in November 2021 and became a key player on Cardano regarding digital identity and digital security.

NMKR is proud to have entered into a strategic partnership with IAMX. Together we are creating a verification process for artists to make blockchain and NFT projects as reliable as possible, without adding a centralized eagle-eye third-party tool.

Let's fight those fraudsters!

Early experiences

Being one of the earliest users of the Commodore C64, Heidfeld's first experiences with the internet began in 1982 in the Web0 age, even before it became known as "The internet."

When the internet evolved rapidly in 1994, he lived through what he describes as Web1 with about 5 million users at the time - and of course, without a layer of identity or authentication. 

Starting in 2004 and onwards, Heidfeld saw platforms like Google, Netscape, and Tencent come along to create an infrastructure where anyone could read and add user-generated content to social networks like Facebook or YouTube.

The Netscape browser helped to create an environment where anyone could access information on their own terms, and 10 years later after its founding, the internet growth really took off with 745 million users.

Fast forward to 2020, which even saw the emergence of distributed ledgers such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano offering increased functionality, the count grew to 5 billion users worldwide. 

The IAMX Concept

Nowadays, customers have more ways to buy products than ever before. 

The inspiration to develop IAMX derives from the team’s experiences and desire to contribute user fulfillment to the next iteration of the internet: Web3. Web3 is a new era of the internet in which users have more control over their data and identity. In doing that, the main challenge for the IAMX team has always been enabling mass adoption. 

The new ID verification method approved by W3C and built by IAMX means that customers can purchase items quickly and easily without having their identity checked out in advance, which increases conversion rates by 2-and-a-half times.

In 2021, IAMX filed for intellectual property rights by presenting a proof-of-concept with a German Telecommunication Provider to make the ordering of postpaid SIM cards easier than ever before. This concept already includes KYC and data exchange, and it is legally compliant with laws such as GDPR.

IAMX’s software architecture is designed with the protection of user rights and ownership. To enable hyper-growth, the buyers are connected with the sellers at an optimal level so that business can happen seamlessly while protecting user rights over data as well as ensuring full transparency for all participants involved.

IAMX products that have been live and generating revenue since August 2022:

Growth strategy

Because of the support from family offices and venture capital partners, IAMX has been able to grow and expand even in this bear market.

The IAMX team has created a positive cash flow since day one. In order to grow together as one cohesive unit, the team is now 25 people strong, with each employee bringing their own skillset to the table. They ensure peak performance in IT development by sourcing employees across different time zones, all while supporting a work-life balance affordably and productively.

The company is confident in its ability to continue the path of operational cash flow positive growth, expand through collaboration with partners, and leverage funding.

The team’s unparalleled commitment to the environment is clear in their actions, which are designed with future generations of children in mind. They place vital importance on actions that will secure and not exploit resources. Therefore the team at IAMX has focused their efforts on Cardano and many other eco-friendly and Proof of Stake blockchains that consume significantly less energy than Ethereum 1.0 or Bitcoin, which deploy a Proof of Work consensus mechanism.

The strategic partnership with NMKR

NMKR and IAMX together are building the foundation that brings identity, commercial rights, buyouts, and anchor (legal entity and DAO) to any NFT. This provides legally enforceable rights and returns from royalties for a user across the realm of the physical and digital world. 

"We regard NMKR as a valuable, innovative, creative, inventive, open-minded, reliable, supportive, game-changing, long-term win-win partner. The management team of NMKR has great operational Know-how and strategic expertise to contribute to enabling the web3 development with their groundbreaking work and ability to connect the dots," said Heidfeld. "We highly appreciate to work with the NMKR masterminds Ann-Kristin, Patrick, and Kristian."

Both partners are committed to expanding internationally and maximizing business value while adhering strictly to relevant laws in all countries of operation - including Germany's regulatory body BaFin and the United States SEC.

We would like to thank the IAMX team for sharing valuable insights with our readers. The knowledge that they bring to the table will help our partnership grow stronger as time goes by. We're looking forward to creating more and more opportunities together in this new digital world order - the future is now!