Royal Dreads - A Social Impact NFT

Presenting the Royal Dread NFT Project by Arise Art Inc.
Inner Earth/Outer Earth
November 17, 2022
Royal Dreads
Royal Dreads

Dear NMKR community,

The Royal Dreads NFT project is a new type of social impact NFT focused on promoting diversity, social justice and helping creators achieve their artistic goals. This project is different because the minters will have the unique opportunity to customize the look of their Royal Dread NFTs, and enjoy a variety of benefits. We interviewed the Royal Dreads team and here's what they had to say:

NMKR: What inspired you to start developing Royal Dreads? Please tell us what makes it so special.

Royal Dreads: We are huge believers in the power of NFTs as a vehicle to create and develop social communities, which have a positive impact on individuals and worthy causes.  We’re excited by our goal to develop Royal Dreads into a successful, social impact NFT brand that aims to create commercially viable intellectual property in the form of inspiring stories, music, films,  and events, that promote the values of diversity, inclusion and social justice. In addition, creating a business model that also aims to help creatives in the Royal Dread community realize their artistic aspirations.

Aside from our social mission and the quality of our art,  some of the things that differentiates the Royal Dreads and in our opinion makes us special, includes the following:

1) Prior to our upcoming public mint.  We’re excited to have successfully secured a Broadcast partner and obtained financial support from the Canadian Media Fund for our company to start the process of developing a young adult animated series concept based on the Royal Dreads lore, art and storyline.

2) We have been able to attract exciting strategic partners and a team of seasoned business and creative professionals in both music and film to help us enhance our ability to deliver the utility we aim to provide our community. This includes the recent addition of Shontelle Layne,  a Grammy nominated singer and songwriter and NFT music pioneer, to our team as our new Head of Strategy. Shontelle is internationally known for her hits Impossible and T-Shirt, as well as having written for stars such as  Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Akon, Pitbull, DMX,  Alison Hinds and Machel Montano.  Given her entertainment industry experience and extensive Web 3 knowledge we are excited about having Shontelle join the Royal Dreads.

3) Our initial OG Series 1 Mint, will provide minters with the unique ability to personalize the look of their Royal Dread Avatars, in addition to influence over the creative direction of the Royal Dreads project. 

4) Our Royal Dreads Animated Series Director, Joshua Young, has over twenty years of experience in the industry having won over thirty awards in screenwriting, had directed fictional and nonfictional projects around the world, and worked on productions for the film, television, animation as well as commercial industries.

5) Our corporate partners bring a wealth of experience in entertainment from Wishing Step Pictures, who thought provoking social impact documentaries have won over 17 film festival awards to Root Fire who have produced grammy nominated acts - we are excited to bring this experience of knowledge to the Cardano ecosystem to benefit creatives.

6) Our social mission is to not only support charities and nonprofits that align with our goals but to provide in depth knowledge and tangible actions that impact and help move the dial. To do this we have our social impact partner Muuvment, whose platform is designed to provide groups with up to date knowledge and education on issues that impact all of us. From the environment to modern day slavery to diversity, inclusion and equity - we are able to provide our NFT holders access to knowledge and actions to support causes that they care about.

NMKR: What are the major challenges you're facing right now? We would like to know about your team's plans to overcome them.

Royal Dreads: We have spent the last year building out our business model and securing high quality strategic partners and team members. Our focus now is on increasing the awareness of the Royal Dread project to grow our followers and build a community of NFT enthusiasts that support our mission and want to participate in our upcoming Series 1 mint.

NMKR: What are you doing to get people to use or invest in your project? Please share some thoughts about your growth strategy.

Royal Dreads: Our focus has been on creating a utility package that will allow our future community members to enjoy a range of perks, entertainment and events that align with their values, and interests.  

NMKR: What do you think about NMKR? Tell us what we can do for you in the long run so we both win!

Royal Dreads: NMKR has been a valued partner of the Royal Dreads from the inception of our project to present. We value the advice and guidance that NMKR has provided us. As an important part of the Cardano ecosystem, we appreciate any assistance that NMKR can provide in helping us grow the awareness of our project with the Cardano Community.

NMKR:  What's your vision for the future of blockchain/decentralized technologies like Cardano? Please tell us what you're doing to make that future a reality.

Royal Dreads: We believe that the Cardano blockchain and its NFT community in particular, will have a growing role in helping talented creatives develop and commercialize their entertainment focused Intellectual property.  Our goal for our Company, Arise Art and our Royal Dreads NFT brand is to play a positive role in attracting creatives to Cardano and supporting them in developing their projects. 

NMKR:  If our readers would like to know more about you, how can they get in touch with you?

Royal Dreads:

Our website: RoyalDreads.io

Our Twitter: @royaldreadsnft  

Discord : https://discord.gg/fEGdrhFzYm

NMKR: Thank you for sharing your story, Royal Dreads! Furthering human values of equality, inclusion, and diversity is essential to reach tolerance and peace worldwide. This is important because tolerant societies are societies that can coexist. We're glad you created Royal Dreads to help people learn more about social causes and how they can help.

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