NMKR enabled more than 500,000 NFTs on Cardano

16 million ADA generated in revenue for the Cardano NFT projects
January 28, 2022
NMKR enabled more than 500,000 NFTs on Cardano
NMKR enabled more than 500,000 NFTs on Cardano

NMKR, the world’s leading brand to enable NFT interaction on Cardano, today announced surpassing the iconic milestone of 500,000 NFT’s minted through its API. The easily accessible interface and simple process provided a comprehensive digital art platform to its global community since the kick-off in April 2021, resulting in approximately 2,000 NFTs minted per day.

All NFT’s minted through NMKR have generated a total of 16 Million $ADA in revenue for the creators and artists - without including second market sales and auctions. With over 2,7 Million NFT’s currently existing on the Cardano Blockchain, NFT-MAKER is responsible for roughly 18%, truly supporting the global crypto community.

“We are extremely proud to enable one of the largest communities to create and sell their own NFTs through our brand”, said Patrick Tobler, CEO of NMKR. “Making these tools available for everyone and inventing the easiest way to create and sell NFT collections was our goal all along and this significant milestone shows that we’re on the right track.”

Further information about the NMKR can be found at NMKR.IO. Make sure to follow NMKR on Twitter for the latest updates on the project.

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