NMKR partners with LCX to issue NMKR token

April 12, 2022

NMKR is announcing a partnership with, the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange. The partnership will see the launch of the $NMKR token, which will be issued by LCX and sold exclusively through LCX's Token Sale platform in a legally compliant way. This will accelerate the $NMKR token's go-to-market strategy.

NMKR provides artists, developers, and brands with the necessary tools to mint and manage their NFTs on Cardano with ease. The $NMKR token will be the ultimate utility coin within the NMKR ecosystem, to buy, present, and sell NFTs in the upcoming marketplace, which NMKR is set to introduce in the coming months. Moreover, the more a user stakes, the higher the trust score on the marketplace, and any user can also earn the $NKMR token by delegating ADA to the NMKR stake pool.

LCX Exchange is a secure and regulated platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currencies. LCX is a regulated fintech company that focuses on digital asset trading, compliant token offerings, and tokenization. The LCX team has a wealth of experience in the financial industry and is dedicated to providing a safe and legal process for initial token offerings. LCX obtained 8 regulatory registrations including the role as a Token Issuer on behalf of projects.

The CEO of NMKR, Patrick Tobler, said: "The purpose of this cooperation is to provide our users with an opportunity to utilize our tokens speedily and securely." He went on to say that this would help create a "new generation" of crypto users.

"NMKR is an incredible platform based on Cardano and we're excited about this partnership to issue $NMKR tokens," said LCX's CEO Monty Metzger. "We are in one of the most prolific periods of innovation and new products in LCX’s history. $NMKR will be the first Cardano native token made available in an initial coin offering.”

With this new partnership, NMKR looks poised to take the lead in the NFT art space. For more information on the $NMKR token and the NMKR Platform, please visit the NMKR website or read the whitepaper.


About NMKR

NMKR is the world's leading brand to enable NFT minting on Cardano for a mainstream audience. The easily accessible interface and simple process provide a comprehensive digital art platform to mint, view, and trade NFTs. The platform operates on the Cardano blockchain, allowing the transaction fees to be as low as possible while having almost no environmental impact due to the Proof of Stake approach. The additional NMKR Studio service aims directly towards brands and companies to create a white label API solution by developing a branded NFT marketplace, trading platform, or launching a customized collection. NMKR has currently minted more than 800,000 NFTs.

About LCX - Innovating Capital Markets. Solutions for compliant digital assets and security tokens. LCX is a secure and regulated platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currencies. LCX is pioneering a blockchain infrastructure bridging the gap between traditional monetary systems and the fast-moving trusted technology landscape. LCX was founded in 2018 with headquarters in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) and branches in Crypto-Valley Zug (Switzerland) and New Delhi (India).

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