New Head of Sports

Dr. Lingling Liu joining NMKR
Zurich / London
January 18, 2023
Dr. Lingling Liu - New Head of Sports
Dr. Lingling Liu - New Head of Sports

NMKR is proud to announce that Dr. Lingling Liu is joining the team as Head of Sports Partnerships!

In recent years, Lingling began to bring her vision and passion to help sports projects embrace blockchain technology and strategy, including her two favorite sports: football and sailing.

With her experience from working for FIFA and being the project manager for Guo Chuan, the Chinese skipper who created two world records in offshore sailing, she has not only proven herself as one of the best connected persons in sports worldwide, but she has shown that she is a visionary thinker and practitioner in every regard.

With a certificate in Blockchain Strategy from Said Business School of Oxford University she combines Sports with Web3 on a deep level and she showed her skills by helping Binance with its sponsorship negotiations with international sports governing bodies.

Dr. Lingling Liu will be spearheading NMKRs strategic partnership with the Football Foundation for Africa, as well as connecting NMKRs upcoming project The Last Survivor with people from the sports world around the globe.

Contributor for recent publications:

The business of FIFA World Cup (2022)

The Geopolitical Economy of Sport (2023)


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