How NMKR is powering mental health focussed NFTs

NMKR X heal2earn
July 19, 2022
NMKR X heal2earn
NMKR X heal2earn

In cooperation with NMKR, a leading blockchain technology provider, careoline| announces its first mental health-focused Cardano NFT collection. The idea is to create a social movement that cares for our energy levels and mental health. To make that a possibility, heal2earn chose NMKR as a go-to platform to create accessible solutions for healthcare and, more importantly, self-care. Heal2earn takes a unique approach to challenging the current healthcare system by providing people with preventive action powered by blockchain-based technologies such as NFTs. 

Blockchain for social good and real-world impact

Heal2earn is an open-source dApp that rewards its users for caring for their mental health. Through incentivization, the app can support you in your progress with wellness by tracking  how "Healthy-Fi" your wellness account us and how much energy (or time) each person puts into looking after themselves mentally. One can also avail the chance to connect to mental health professionals in a metaverse-like environment and receive support. 

Catalysts like covid, war, and inflation take a toll on people's mental health and weigh societies down. Awareness of such topics needs to be brought to the masses, and much-needed support should be provided on time before this trend in mental health decline worsens. 

According to a WHO study, mental health issues have been a long-lasting trend, resulting in severe problems and social impact costs of $1000 Billion worldwide in 2018! 

Let us do something better together!

We should do everything in our power to boost a healthy lifestyle and the wellness movement so that people can be happier, healthier individuals! Let us change the high social impact costs and lots of pain for everybody involved related to low energy levels and mental health issues! 

Let us boost a healthy lifestyle and the more significant wellness movement with #move2Earn and #heal2earn, leading ultimately to happier humans and a happier society. 

careoline| dedicate the minting revenue to the project's development by opening a social impact fund and a community wallet. 

Join the Cerveza and Tapas web3 well-being party! is still young but already has excellent support. In collaboration with and the Cardano community to run the "Healthy-Fi" program, they release NFT Health Collection on July 24th on global self-care day. 

To mint and connect at the Cardano Hotel Cerveza and join the Tapas Web3 well-being party, please sign-up here to register:

Join the community – visit, support, and create an impact!



Video: Heal2Earn: Careoline Ecosystem. Wellbeing Revolution in Web3


Destiny is calling

Did you know HADA in Spanish means fairy? And what’s the logo of careoline? A fairy… 

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