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Mint your own NFT collection
November 17, 2021

How NMKR's API can display NFTs in WordPress

The new plugin feature allows creators to display and mint their NFTs in WordPress

The Cardano NFT ecosystem is progressing at a rapid rate, and there is no shortage of talented teams creating and developing on the blockchain. Naturally, this is bound to attract the best to each other in order to support and progress the mutually beneficial space. Isn’t that why we all love Cardano?

It is with this spirit that we are proud to confirm that NMKR will be partnering with CNFT Press for the benefit of the space and the creators.

So, what is CNFT Press?

Quite simply, it is a WordPress plugin for NFT creators on the Cardano Blockchain. For the uninitiated, WordPress is, by far, the most popular open-source Content Management System (CMS) and powers around 40% of websites worldwide. It’s a universal platform which can be easily used without any coding knowledge.

The team responsible are developers and designers who are also blockchain enthusiasts. CNFT Press started with the goal to remove boundaries between creative minds and the complexity of the blockchain. In removing these boundaries, they believe it can bring more awareness, quality and participants to the Cardano NFT ecosystem and help move closer towards mass adoption.

How does this partnership work?

The CNFT Press team firmly believes that the “NMKR Studio's API is THE tool which will boost the Cardano NFT space. It does not only help in creating and minting NFTs, but also does the heavy lifting in the most important areas such as security and scalability.”

The plugin will allow NFT creators to use WordPress to display, manage and mint their NFTs using the NMKR API. With this ability, the website will have all advantages of the WordPress CMS such as a store integration (WooCommerce), SEO tools and any plugin available to enhance their websites as well as themes to control the design of their websites.

The CNFT Press team add: “We believe creating NFT’s shouldn’t require blockchain development skills, so we have teamed up with NMKR Studio. All NFT creators can now focus on their NFTs while our plugin takes care of the rest.”

That’s not all…

In addition, with this plugin the CNFT Press team want to give NFT artists the opportunity and freedom to create their own website and implement their CNFTs to a Metaverse with the use of Wallet APIs.

CNFT Press comes with full NAMI wallet integration to smooth the process of buying, minting and other interactions. This gives NFT creators the ability to create collection pages for collectors to see the owned items in their Nami wallet. The joint roadmap has several more features coming such as content restriction and minting restrictions.

Look out for further announcements via our official Twitter and Discord Channels.