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Cardano Impact Report

Recalibrating Value, Identity & Impact Through the Blockchain
Dive into the Cardano Impact Report 2023 and learn how blockchain is recalibrating the way we view value, identity, and positive social and environmental impact.

“We believe that Cardano is making a step towards a world where new mechanisms of decentralized cooperation and consensus can start to replace the cheap-at-all-costs and business-as-usual structures that are degrading the world we live in.”

— Sustainable ADA —

Click here to visit the Cardano Impact Website

Mint to support the Cardano Impact Report

Sustainable ADA
Limitless NFT
Artwork: Cole Bartlett – “The Meeting Place of Life-Long Friends”


1 NFT: 50 ADA
2 NFTs: 90 ADA
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Sustainable ADA
Legacy NFT
Artwork: Affendi Samsudin, Razali Samsudin, Brenna Quinlan, and Cole Bartlett

The Legacy NFT consists of 169 unique covers in commemoration of the 169 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and targets (UN SDGs) for an equitable and sustainable world. The covers include beautiful photography from Affendi Samsudin, Razali Samsudin and Cole Bartlett, and artwork from educator and artist Brenna Quinlan.


1 NFT = 186 ADA
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What is the Impact Report?
The Cardano Impact Report is a book that highlights the positive social and environmental impact Cardano is having on communities and businesses around the world. From financial inclusion to environmental sustainability, we bring you on a journey to learn about the connections Cardano has to sustainable development and how the Cardano community is making a positive difference around the world.

Why is it important?
Not just to showcase the achievements of the Cardano ecosystem. To inspire all in using blockchain technology for good, and demonstrate the positive impact that can be achieved when we work together.