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Social Tech
Use case
Social interaction, Advertising, Data Monetization
Key features
NFT minting


Smart Places Protocol is revolutionizing the way they connect and socialize in real-world locations. Leveraging blockchain technology, they're creating a unique social ecosystem that rewards users for connecting and interacting at popular places.


In the age of digital interactions, creating meaningful, real-life social experiences is challenging. Furthermore, enabling businesses to reach potential customers directly and in real time presents its own set of hurdles.


Smart Places divided the world into virtual land-plots, represented by unique coordinates. Users can own these land-plots as NFTs, effectively holding unique Smart Places. The more social interactions that occur at a user’s Smart Place, the greater the rewards.The concept has proven successful, with over 14,468 NFTs sold, resulting in hundreds of thousands in revenue. Our project, powered by NMKR technology, has opened a new era of socializing, granting power to people.

Smart Places now

Thousands of Smart Places NFTs Sold

Smart Places has seen significant interest, with thousands of users choosing their preferred locations and minting Smart Places NFTs, leading to a bustling, interactive community.

Evolving with the World

Users have the option to swap their land-plots, reflecting the dynamic nature of real-world places. A popular Smart Place today may not hold the same relevance tomorrow, thus providing flexibility for change.

Power to the People - The Social Ecosystem

The project is all about giving users control over their data and rewarding them for their interactions. By facilitating social connections and offering real-world benefits, Smart Places is bringing people together in a unique, rewarding manner.

Setting the Stage for Social Innovation

By successfully launching their innovative approach to social interactions, we're setting a new standard for the industry and opening up countless possibilities for the future.

About Smart Places

Smart Places is a global project aiming to provide users with a novel way of social interaction based on the benefits of blockchain technology. They'recreating a platform where real-life social interactions meet virtual goods like advertisements, data monetization, and airdrops. Their mission is to connect people and provide them with control over their data and ownership, fostering real-life connections and interactions.


"NMKR has been our partner in minting our NFT landplots from the very beginning. Together we managed to realize the idea of minting NFTs on the fly which was a real challenge. The team of NMKR supported us all the time with excellent know-how and in a very trustworthy way. It is great to have such a professional and experienced team on our side."
Björn Heinze, CEO & Founder Smart Place

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