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Mint your own NFT collection
January 29, 2023

How IP holders can access their community with NFTs.

Utilizing the power of NFTs to create new communication channels with your audience.
Using NFTs to create Communities
Using NFTs to create Communities

The world of entertainment IPs is divided into two groups:

1. IPs with direct access to their audience through digital media (such as video games and Youtubers)

2. IPs without a direct communication channel with most of their consumers (such as books, where communication may occur through a Facebook group or email newsletter)

Even musicians face limitations in directly communicating with their audience as they are restricted by platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

NFTs offer a solution to this challenge:

- Establishing direct communication with the audience by utilizing wallets to identify the audience and providing content to them

- Providing direct access to new content through airdrops or exclusive areas on websites

- Building a community around the shared interests in the IP through connecting with other fans and participating in exclusive events and experiences.

- Knowing the NFT owners allows IP holders to understand their audience's preferences and other entertainment IPs they are interested in

- Additionally, allowing for the monetization of fandom through buying, selling, and trading unique digital assets

By utilizing NFTs, older IPs can revitalize their franchise and strengthen their connection with their audience while also opening up new revenue streams and ways to directly communicate with their fans.

At NMKR, we're creating tools for IP holders to bind their audience more closely to them by utilizing the power of NFTs.