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June 22, 2023

400,000 ADA for projects building on NMKR

Empowering the Cardano NFT Ecosystem with NMKR Studio API Integration
Empowering the Cardano NFT Ecosystem with NMKR Studio API Integration
Empowering the Cardano NFT Ecosystem with NMKR Studio API Integration

Welcome to the official announcement of the Building on NMKR category for Catalyst Fund10.

As we embark on this new funding round, we are excited to empower projects that aim to advance the NFT ecosystem on Cardano by integrating the powerful NMKR Studio API. This category presents an opportunity to create tools that make the Cardano NFT space more accessible, without the sole focus being on profitability.

The NMKR Studio API is one of the largest NFT APIs on Cardano, simplifying the process of building on the Cardano blockchain by offering user-friendly endpoints for developers. By utilizing this API, builders can contribute to the growth and expansion of the Cardano NFT ecosystem.

The objective of this challenge is to encourage the development of tools that implement the NMKR Studio API, enhancing the Cardano NFT space in various ways, including integrations, standalone tools, marketplaces, launchpads, and more. We seek to foster innovation that brings accessibility and usability to the NFT ecosystem on Cardano.

By incentivizing builders to create tools that advance the Cardano NFT space, we aim to build a thriving ecosystem that is not solely reliant on immediate profitability. Success in this category will be marked by the release of multiple NFT tools implementing the NMKR Dev API. We also encourage measuring success through metrics such as time from funding to market and the number of users engaging with these projects and tools.

In Fund10, a total funding amount of 394,800 ADA has been allocated to the Building on NMKR category.

To learn more about Project Catalyst Fund10, including proposal submission guidelines and voting details, refer to the Fund10 Launch Guide available at Take this opportunity to participate in the world's largest decentralized innovation platform and shape the future of Cardano.

Let's collaborate and build a vibrant NFT ecosystem on Cardano with the Building on NMKR category in Catalyst Fund10!

- Launch Guide:

- Building on NMKR Category: