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Mint your own NFT collection
May 3, 2022

1 Million NFTs minted on Cardano

A Milestone achievement and what's next
1 Million PR
1 Million PR

NFT-MAKER, the world's leading brand to enable NFT interaction on Cardano, proudly announces the minting of the one-millionth non-fungible token (NFT), marking an important milestone in NFT-MAKER's journey as the premier platform for NFT development.

More than 20% of the total NFTs on the Cardano blockchain have been minted using NFT-MAKER. As a token of gratitude, the NFT-MAKER team is taking better steps to improve technical capabilities and provide an even better user experience. This achievement would not have been possible without the support and contributions of all users, who have helped make the NFT-MAKER ecosystem what it is today.

NFT-MAKER is fully committed to providing an optimal user experience for anyone looking to utilize cutting-edge blockchain technology for their creative endeavors. One major area of focus will be strengthening the underlying technological infrastructure that powers the ecosystem. NFT-MAKER will also continue to enhance the tools and resources available, including support for open community discussions, educational materials that demystify blockchain concepts, and tutorials designed to help users get started with NFTs.

"The support of our community has been crucial in achieving this milestone, and we are deeply thankful for their ongoing engagement and feedback," said NFT-MAKER CEO and Founder Patrick Tobler. "We are enthusiastic to see the continued development of the NFT-MAKER ecosystem and look forward to seeing what the future holds."

Looking ahead, the entire NFT-MAKER team is confident that the growth of the NFT market will continue and that more people will come to appreciate the unique benefits. As the minting of Cardano NFTs and their user base continues to expand, the team is confident that there is significant potential for NFTs to become mainstream. As a result, this will help NFT-MAKER reach more milestones in the near future. To realize this potential, NFT-MAKER must continue working on enhancing the user experience for minting and managing NFTs.

As announced recently, the ICO was closed on April 28th, raising over 2.3 million ADA. The $NMKR utility token is the key to the community's engagement and governance of NFT-MAKER. With the token, users can vote on NFT projects and help verify their authenticities. Furthermore, the token will reward users for their participation, making it a valuable tool for anyone interested in the future of the NFT-MAKER ecosystem. With the $NMKR utility token, the community will have the right to shape the future of the NFT-MAKER.

NFT-MAKER is also delighted to announce the addition of five new key members to the advisory board. With their wealth of experience and knowledge, the advisors will be able to provide valuable insights and guidance as the NFT-MAKER team develops upcoming projects. A warm welcome has already been extended to each of them on the social channels, and the NFT-MAKER leadership team looks forward to working together with them closely in the future.

The marketplace development is still underway, but the team is on track for a successful launch in the near future. In addition to creating an immersive and friendly user experience, the development team continues to work on several features that could be important to the users. NFT-MAKER is actively exploring new use cases for NFTs to drive the adoption of NFTs on other blockchain platforms as well. These steps are essential to ensure that NFT-MAKER remains at the forefront of the NFT space and provides users with the best possible value.

The NFT-MAKER team would like to thank the community for their continued support as they work towards making NFTs more accessible to everyone. The power of blockchain technology lies in its ability to democratize access to opportunities and experiences for every person.