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NFTs for Refugees

People forced to flee around the world need your support
Mint an exclusive CONSENSUS 2023 NFT by simply choosing from the two available NFT collections and support UNHCR’s relief operations helping:

1. Chronically underreported and underfunded crises.
2. People forced to flee the war in Ukraine.

Mint to support refugees

Collection 1
Underfunded Crises
Being underfunded and underreported, emergencies in many countries are in desperate need of support. Don’t let them be forgotten.

20 US Dollars: Get 1 random NFT from the base collection of 6.

If you're lucky you might even receive a gold one.
How many?
Collection 2
Ukraine Emergency
As the war in Ukraine hit its one-year mark, one third of the population have been forced to flee their homes. 

20 US Dollars: Get 1 random NFT from the base collection of 6.

If you're lucky you might even receive a gold one.
How many?
Supported by
Cardano Foundation


What is an NFT?
A Non-fungible token (NFT) is a type of digital asset that represents ownership of a unique item or piece of content, such as a digital artwork, music, video, or other creative works. NFTs are stored on a blockchain, which provides a decentralized and tamper-proof ledger of ownership and transaction history.

What NFTs are available to be minted?
Limited edition cartographic NFTs created by TURF NFT on the Cardano blockchain representing maps of cities and countries of places of refugee crises. These NFTs are exclusively available during the Consensus 2023. There are two collections available, each supporting a different cause: The crisis in Ukraine and the most underfunded refugee crises.

Are there minting tiers?
This is a randomized sale. If you buy one NFT you will get one random NFT from the collection. If you buy five NFTs, you will get five random NFTs from the collection.

How to mint?
You can mint your NFT/Collection in 6 simple steps:

Click ‘’Mint to support’’
Choose the NFT/Collection you desire
Enter your emailConfirm your email
Pay via Credit card, ada, ether or sol
Access to your NFT on NMKR’s platform

Who is benefitting from the minting of an NFT?
Depending on the NFT or collection of your choice the funds are distributed in the following way:

1. Collection: Underfunded Crises Collection

Funds go directly to WRFGS, the stake pool launched with the support of the Cardano Foundation to generate continuous rewards that support displaced people now and in future.

2. Collection: Ukraine Crisis
Funds are converted into fiat and transferred directly to UNHCR and are used for emergencies on the ground.

What is a stake pool ?
A stake pool is a reliable server node that focuses on ledger maintenance and holds the combined resources, the stake, of various stakeholders in a single entity. Stake pool operators run the stake pools and are responsible for processing transactions that will be placed in the ledger, as well as producing new blocks. Stake pools are at the core of Ouroboros, Cardano's proof-of-stake protocol.

Are there any risks in staking ?
Due to Cardano’s staking mechanism, funds are not locked and can be withdrawn at any time. There are no slashing penalties for stake pool operators harmful behaviour so delegators don’t have the risk of losing their funds.

Who can stake ?
Anyone can participate in staking with Switzerland for UNHCR. All purchases of NFTs supporting underfunded crises, will be delegated to the stakepool. You can also stake yourself.Current ada holders can delegate from their wallet using ticker [WRFGS]. Non-ada holders will need to follow the steps ‘How do I stake’ which includes downloading a wallet, purchasing ada, transferring ada to the wallet, and delegating stake.

What is the added value of using a blockchain technology solution in this case?
It is a new and innovative way of raising funds to help support our cause. The opportunity of a stake pool generating stake pool rewards enables an even larger community to make a difference and deliver lifesaving assistance to those most in need. It is a great way of continuously generating resources, which would then go towards UNHCR’s most urgent operations on the field.

How can Blockchain help refugees?
As the use of blockchain technology is continuously increasing to support real-world use cases, the benefits for fundraising and philanthropy are beyond doubt. In fact, the most beneficial features of blockchain are its enhanced security, increased transparency, and instant traceability. We value such qualities and see them as great advantages, however, for us at Switzerland for UNHCR, adopting the Cardano blockchain is first and foremost a new and innovative way of helping raise funds using staking to support people forced to flee.

About NMKR
NMKR is an NFT Creation, Minting & Trading Infrastructure provider on the Cardano blockchain, offering a suite of tools that help brands, companies and enterprises to launch Whitelabel custom Cardano NFT projects.

About TURF
TURF creates map art you truly own. The TURF map divides earth into 2 x 2 km squares, each of which is for sale as a main collection NFT only once. So there's only one person who can own the TURF NFT containing the house you grew up in.TURF also collaborates with world class brands like UNHCR and the Cardano Summit to create themed NFTs based on the original TURF art.