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Whitelabel NFT DROPS and marketplaces
NMKR Studio removes the complexity of building Blockchain products. Making it easy to launch NFT collections, create decentralized applications and integrate blockchain into existing projects.
With NMKR Studio you can use the full power of blockchain & NFTs to create amazing decentralised apps, NFT collections and more. All of this without having to worry about the complexity of interacting with the blockchain. We focus on the tech, so you can focus on your product.
$55 M
revenue for projects
1.2+ M
NFTs minted
of all Cardano NFTs
Start your own project
Easy to use, fast and reliable. Try it now with all features and no upfront costs.
For testing
Unlimited API test usage
Mint tokens on Testnet
Customer support
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Price per minted Token
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Mint on demand
Customer support
incl. IPFS file hosting
incl. NMKR Pay
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Displayed pricing is our service fee. For each transaction, an additional fee of about 0.15 - 0.8 ADA will be charged by the Cardano blockchain.
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Variable pricing
Any tech stack integration
Incl. web development
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Blockchain agnostic but cardano 1st
The Cardano blockchain is one of the most technically robust and decentralized blockchains while keeping it scalable, sustainable and cheap to use. Learn more about Cardano's advantages
THE total, we minted
Customer success is always our top priority - That's why we are here to help at any step along your journey. You can reach us best via Email and our dedicated support team will get back to you.
Do I need to be a programmer to use NMKR Studio?
No. We are offering a suite of no-code tools in addition to our developer API, that will allow you to create NFT collections and build blockchain products without writing a single line of code.
Why are we focused on Cardano?
We are blockchain agnostic but love Cardano. The reason for that is simple: We like building on the best tech. And Cardanos approach to development has produced some brilliant technology that we can now use.
Can you assist me with developing my project?
Yes. If you want us to be more involved in the development of your project, feel free to contact us directly via our contact form.
What can I build with NMKR Studio?
NMKR Studio allows you to build basically any type of blockchain application. Its designed to be as open and flexible as possible.