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Get your $NMKR tokens! The redeem phase has started!
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On-chain payment streamlined.
As easy as
Paying with NMKR PAY is easy. So easy, in fact, that it eliminates about two-thirds of the steps in the regular payment process.
Sign transaction or pay with FIAT
Select Payment method
Successful transaction
NFT collections
NFTs sold
users per year
conversion rate
users per year
Conversion rate
NFT collections
NFTs sold
No additional fees
NMKR Pay is part of the NMKR familiy. If you use NMKR Studio it is completely free and there are no hidden costs or additional fees for buyers and sellers.
OPEn NMKR Studio
Buy with NMKR Pay
Freedom of payment
FReedom of payment
With NMKR Pay you can pay with the Cardano's currency ADA and even with FIAT payment, i.e. credit card. Depending on the seller, you can also pay with Cardano tokens and NFTs.
Wallet integration
NMKR Pay supports the most widely used Cardano wallets. Simply select and pay!
Control the sale
With NMKR Pay you can setup sales conditions to limit the purchase to selected wallets, NFT holders and more.
Enough talk,
test it out!
See yourself what your customers will use. This demo runs on the testnet. Add tAda to your wallet to purchase an NFT.
Amazing Features
A mystery till the end
Random NFTs will be revealed to the buyer after a successful payment
Reveal your NFTs
Mobile and desktop implementation
NMKR PAY is available for both mobile and desktop, and compatible with most devices.
NMKR Pay on mobile & desktop
Bot protected
Our system protects your drops with captchas and an automatic emergency queuing system. It will activate only when needed, so everything works flawlessly, even for the biggest drops.
NMKR Pay is bot-protected
Make it yours
At the moment we offer three button styles and three button colours, you can select the one that’s right for your site!
Customize NMKR Pay
We only mandate the use of KYC when it is absolutely necessary. Your identity will only be checked if you pay with FIAT on a payment worth over 1000$.
KYC only when needed
You can easily embed NMKR PAY on your site. It's as easy as implementing a button! Learn how exactly to include setup up NMKR Pay (and much more!) through our documentation.
Setup NMKR Pay
Mister worldwide
Paying with NMKR PAY is easy. So easy, in fact, that it eliminates about two-thirds of the steps in the regular payment process.
Ready to launch?
No strings attached - NMKR PAY is free with NMKR Studio!