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NFT minting
FIAT Payment


Switzerland for UNHCR, the Swiss national partner of the UN Refugee Agency, partnered with NMKR to create an innovative way to raise funds and awareness for people forced to flee their homes. They used blockchain technology and NFTs to create a project that allowed people to support the cause in a unique and meaningful way.


UNHCR was facing a challenge where they needed more funds to help refugees in need. They wanted to find a way to raise funds that was both effective and engaging for people.


Together with NMKR, UNHCR created two exclusive collections of POAP (Proof Of Attendance and Protocol) NFTs that people could purchase at the Blockchain Paris & Consensus events. POAP NFTs are unique digital assets that serve as a badge of recognition for attending an event or supporting a cause.

These NFTs were used first at Blockchain Paris 2023 and afterwards again at Consensus 2023 where they were part of the Cardano Foundation booth.

NMKR played a key role in the project by using NMKR Studio to create the NFTs and prepare them for sale, and by providing guidance and consultancy on how to facilitate the project. NMKR Pay, our own NFT payment portal, was used to provide an easy on-boarding flow for people at the physical conference where the NFTs were sold by offering an easy way to purchase NFTs with Credit Cards, Apple Pay & Google Pay.

UNHCR now has a long-term and sustainable source for donations

Hundreds of NFTs

Most of the NFTs were sold directly in person at Blockchain Paris where UNHCR, NMKR and the Cardano Foundation exhibited.

Proof Of Concept

With this Proof Of Concept launch, the UN Refugee Agency & NMKR have set a precedent for the future of Charity through NFTs.

150+ NFTs sold

At the date of writing hundreds of NFTs have been minted & sold by UNHCR where the profits went directly to the charity stake pool.

Staking for Charity

The funds raised from selling the NFTs were delegated to a stake pool, which creates a long-term and sustainable revenue stream that helps UNHCR deliver lifesaving assistance to people affected by crises.

Fundraising with the blockchain works

UNHCR and NMKR showed how blockchain technology and NFTs can be used for a meaningful cause. The project not only raised funds but also helped raise awareness on a pressing issue affecting many people around the world.


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), also known as the UN Refugee Agency, is a global organization dedicated to protecting and supporting refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and stateless people. Established on December 14, 1950, by the United Nations General Assembly, the UNHCR was initially intended to help European refugees displaced by World War II. Since then, the organization has expanded its mandate to address the needs of millions of displaced people worldwide.

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