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Fundraising & Investment
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NFT minting
FIAT Payment


Whiskees and NMKR have successfully demonstrated how NFTs and blockchain technology can be utilized to crowdfund a start-up company and lower the entry barrier to whiskey cask investing.


Investing individually in whiskey casks directly from a distillery can be both complex and expensive, while whiskey casks need to be aged and stored for at least 3 years before they can be sold as 'Whiskey.'


Whiskees NFTs provide a unique solution by allowing investors to crowdfund their share of cask ownership through minting NFTs, with each NFT representing a blend of digital art and partial whiskey cask ownership.

NMKR plays a pivotal role in this innovative approach by offering the necessary technology and infrastructure to bring the Whiskees NFT project to life.

NMKR's suite of tools, including custom whitelabel NFT marketplaces, development APIs, and no-code building blocks, enabled the Whiskees team to create, mint, and manage their NFT collection seamlessly. This comprehensive set of solutions allowed Whiskees to focus on their core mission of revolutionizing whiskey cask investing and delivering a unique experience to investors and NFT collectors.

An essential component of NMKR's assistance was the integration of their NMKR Pay solution, which facilitated user transactions during the NFT launch. This feature enabled Whiskees NFT buyers to pay for their NFTs in fiat currency using a credit card function, providing a convenient and inclusive payment experience. By accommodating various payment options, Whiskees was able to attract a wider range of investors and showcase the true potential of merging digital assets with traditional industries.

UNHCR now has a long-term and sustainable source for donations

Crowdfunded Partial Ownership

Whiskees NFTs enable investors to own a share of aging whiskey casks through a crowdfunding model. This lowers the entry barrier to whiskey cask investing and allows for a more inclusive investment experience.

Bridging the Digital and Physical Worlds

Whiskees NFTs combine digital art with real-world utility, offering investors a unique asset in the Cardano NFT space. This innovative approach demonstrates the potential of NFTs to revolutionize industries beyond digital art.

Potential for Returns

Owning a Whiskees NFT offers the opportunity for returns on future whiskey cask sales, which have traditionally appreciated between 15-20% per year. This return on investment would be paid in ADA directly to the NFT holder when the casks are sold after a community vote.

Fundraising and Investment via NFTs

The advent of blockchain technology has significantly impacted the way fundraising and investment activities are conducted. Blockchain, as a decentralized and transparent ledger system, offers a host of advantages that can revolutionize traditional fundraising methods and reshape the investment landscape.

About Whiskees

Whiskees is a groundbreaking project that leverages the power of NFTs and blockchain technology to revolutionize whiskey cask investing. By offering a unique collection of Cardano blockchain-based artwork NFTs, Whiskees provides investors with crowdfunded partial ownership in aging whiskey casks. The project combines the captivating world of digital art with real-world utility, creating a one-of-a-kind investment opportunity for whiskey enthusiasts and NFT collectors alike. Whiskees is dedicated to educating its community about the whiskey industry and demonstrates the immense potential of NFTs to transform traditional industries.


"We had a great time using NMKR Pay for our NFT launch. We were able to set our prices in $USD vs ADA which was essential as our project ties in real-world utility as we bridge the digital and physical world with our NFTs.

Overall, user transactions were seamless and people found it exceptionally cool that they could pay for their NFTs using NMKR Pay credit card function.

Will definitely use again on our future planned launches!"
CJ, Founder Whiskees

Launch your NFT collection without any upfront costs