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Physical & Digital Collectibles
Use case
Unique Cartographic Art
Key features
NFT minting


TURF transforms the way people experience map art by offering one-of-a-kind digital collectibles that represent unique locations on Earth. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology and NFTs, TURF has created an innovative platform for art enthusiasts to own exclusive pieces of cartographic artwork.


The TURF project faced a unique challenge in bringing their innovative concept to life. They needed to develop a system that could represent specific geographic locations as unique pieces of art, ensure the exclusivity of each piece, and provide an interactive and immersive experience for collectors. Additionally, they had to navigate the complexities of integrating their platform with blockchain technology and NFTs, while also creating a mechanism for collectors to claim physical prints of their digital assets.


In collaboration with NMKR, TURF developed an innovative solution to these challenges. Utilizing NMKR's robust infrastructure & API on the Cardano blockchain, TURF was able to mint each piece of map art as an individual, non-fungible token (NFT), thereby ensuring its uniqueness and authenticity.

TURF now

Thousands of NFTs sold

The NFT Mint is still ongoing and selling new NFTs on a regular basis with thousands of NFTs already minted and sold.

3D interactive experiences

TURF offers collectors an immersive way to engage with their map art through 3D interactive experiences available within their digital wallets.

Collaboration with UNHCR

Together with NMKR and the UNHCR TURF released multiple charity NFT collections for crypto events such as Blockchain Paris & Consensus.

Official partner of Cardano Summit

At the largest Cardano Conference, the Cardano Summit 2022 in Lausanne, TURF was an official NFT partner of the Cardano Foundation and created thousands of NFTs that were given away to participants of the event.

Revolutionizing cartographic art

TURF is paving the way for unique and personalized art experiences by combining the power of NFTs with the beauty of cartographic artwork.

About TURF

TURF is a groundbreaking platform that offers collectors the opportunity to own truly unique pieces of map art by minting individual squares of Earth as NFTs. By combining the power of blockchain technology and NFTs with beautiful cartographic artwork, TURF has created an innovative and interactive platform for art enthusiasts around the world.


"NMKR has been an absolute lifesaver for us! Their reliable website and user-friendly API saved us countless hours of development for our own NFT minting infrastructure. The team behind NMKR has been incredibly helpful and responsive throughout the process. TURF wouldn't have been the same without their invaluable support."

Launch your NFT collection without any upfront costs