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Use case
Event Ticketing
Key features
NFT minting
NFT Ticketing


In a pioneering move, Martin Lawrence teamed up with NMKR to offer unique NFTs that doubled as VIP tickets to a Hollywood red carpet event. This creative approach effectively combined art, technology, and fan engagement, while also generating considerable revenue.


Traditional methods of event ticketing have limitations in exclusivity and fan engagement. Creating an innovative, engaging, and lucrative solution that combines access to events and unique artistic works posed a unique challenge.


By leveraging the power of NFTs, Martin Lawrence and NMKR were able to offer 30 unique digital assets crafted by diverse artists. These NFTs, which provided access to a Hollywood event, were quickly sold out, showing the high level of interest and engagement among fans.

Martin NFTs now

Hollywood Meets Blockchain

30 Exclusive NFTs Sold Out. The unique NFTs were quickly sold, demonstrating the high demand for exclusive, innovative event experiences.

A Lucrative Venture

The NFT ticketing approach proved highly profitable, generating over 30,000 ADA (nearly $60,000) from the sale of the 30 NFTs.

Art Meets Technology

By employing talented artists from both inside and outside the Cardano NFT Art scene, Martin and NMKR bridged the gap between traditional and blockchain-based art, offering unique pieces that double as event tickets.

About Martin Lawrence

Martin Lawrence is a renowned American actor and comedian, best known for his role in the hit television show "Martin". Always innovative and forward-thinking, Martin has embraced blockchain technology and NFTs to engage with his fans in unique, rewarding ways.


"Great experience to launch with NMKR!"
Martin Lawrence, Actor

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