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Multimedia Entertainment and Gaming
Use case
Gamified Multimedia Platform
Key features
NFT minting


Danketsu, previously known as ADA Ninjaz, in partnership with NMKR, has transformed the multimedia landscape by developing a community-driven platform that seamlessly integrates music, comics, gaming, and NFTs. This unique platform, built on the Cardano blockchain, has facilitated the release of multiple manga issues, various songs, and an immersive game, providing a unique and engaging user experience.


Creating an integrated multimedia platform that combines different media forms into a cohesive and engaging gamified experience presented a significant challenge for Danketsu. This ambitious project necessitated a vast network of diverse contributors and collaborators, from musicians to storytellers and artists.


To address this challenge, Danketsu partnered with NMKR, the largest NFT infrastructure provider on the Cardano blockchain. NMKR provided a suite of tools and services, including building the platform, minting the NFTs, offering custom solutions, and consulting on all project aspects. With NMKR's support and network, Danketsu successfully released multiple manga issues, several songs, and a captivating game.

Danketsu now

Millions of Dollars raised

Danketsu sold tens of thousands of NFTs and raised millions of dollars through the community, making it possible to release multiple mangas, songs and other entertainment products such as a standalone game. All of these products were developed together with the communities input.

Community Engagement and Partnerships

Beyond the platform's core features, Danketsu has also partnered with Mirai Music Productions for sound creation, enriching the multimedia experience for users. Furthermore, the platform fosters a strong sense of community engagement with its story and lore readily available on its website.

The Future of Multimedia Experience

With the $NINJAZ token and Danketsu Missions, the platform is set to evolve into a larger, more immersive web-based RPG game over time. Danketsu's community-driven approach and unique blending of multimedia elements represent a new frontier in the industry.

About Danketsu

Danketsu, formerly known as ADA Ninjaz, is a multimedia platform that provides a unique blend of music, comics, gaming, and NFTs in a gamified, community-driven environment. Through its rebranding, Danketsu is prepared to leave a significant mark on the multimedia landscape. The platform's future plans include the release of the $NINJAZ token and the expansion of Danketsu Missions into a more extensive web-based RPG game, offering a unique and engaging experience to its community.


"Working with NMKR has been an absolute revelation. Through their guidance, support and advice we have been able to take Danketsu to the next level. Cannot recommend the whole team and platform enough."
Zushan, Founder Danketsu

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