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Fine Art
Use case
Art Fractionalization
Key features
NFT minting

Summary, powered by NMKR, is pioneering a new, democratized way of art ownership through art fractionalization on the blockchain. By converting physical art pieces into digital assets and then fractionalizing these into unique NFTs, is transforming how art is collected and appreciated.


Traditional art collection has always been exclusive and out of reach for many enthusiasts and small-scale investors. Moreover, the physical nature of artworks posed challenges in terms of accessibility, transportation, and storage. was faced with the challenge of breaking these barriers and making art ownership more inclusive and accessible.


In partnership with NMKR, created a platform where physical art pieces are transformed into digital assets and then fractionalized into 1000 unique NFTs. This approach allows more people to own a fraction of a single piece of art, thereby democratizing art ownership. NMKR played a vital role in providing the technology infrastructure for creating and minting these fractionalized NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. This innovative solution not only democratizes art ownership but also offers an exciting platform for art investment. now

Art Ownership Democratized

With the ability to fractionalize art pieces into 1000 unique NFTs, offers a more inclusive form of art ownership, making it possible for anyone to own a piece of a rare and valuable artwork.

An Exciting Art Investment Launchpad

As the first launchpad offering fractional art NFTs on the Cardano blockchain, is setting a precedent for future art investments, offering a unique platform for collectors and investors.

Access to World-Renowned Artists offers fractionalized NFTs from exclusive and rare works from world-renowned artists, giving investors and collectors access to pieces they may not have been able to afford or access otherwise.

About is the brainchild of Rudolf Budja, a renowned gallerist with galleries in Miami and Salzburg. Having been in the art business for over 20 years, Budja brings a wealth of experience and an impressive collection of art, including works from Andy Warhol, Christopher Wool, Damian Hirst, Lawrence Schiller & Frank Worth, to the platform. is set to become an avant-garde NFT-Art investor launchpad for collectors and investors of all standings, effectively bridging the art and Cardano crypto communities.