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Animation & Film
Use case
Film Production Funding
Key features
NFT minting


Rejected by traditional publishers, Jesse Moynihan partnered with NMKR to create an innovative way to fund his ambitious animation project, "Jesus 2". By harnessing the power of blockchain technology and NFTs, he was able to fund the production of his project in a unique and effective way.


Jesse Moynihan faced a challenge where traditional publishers rejected his project, leaving him without necessary funding. He needed to find a way to raise funds that was both effective and engaging for potential backers.


Together with NMKR, Moynihan created an exclusive collection of NFTs representing characters from the Jesus 2 project. NMKR played a key role in the project by using NMKR Studio to create the NFTs and prepare them for sale, and by providing guidance and consultancy on how to facilitate the project. NMKR also custom-built a website for the Jesus 2 project, further enhancing its digital presence and accessibility.

Jesus 2 now

4000+ NFTs sold

Most of the NFTs were sold online within the first 40 minutes of release, showing the immense interest and support for the project.

Paving the way for independent creators

The funds raised from selling the NFTs are being used for various production needs, which creates a long-term and sustainable revenue stream that helps Moynihan and his team deliver an exciting animation project.


With this successful launch, Jesse Moynihan & NMKR have set a precedent for the future of independent film funding through NFTs.

Film Funding with blockchain works

Jesse Moynihan and NMKR showed how blockchain technology and NFTs can be used for a meaningful cause. The project not only raised funds but also helped raise awareness of the potential of NFTs in film production.

About Jeesse Moynihan

Jesse Moynihan is a renowned animator and creator, known for his innovative approach to storytelling and animation. With the "Jesus 2" project, he's pushing the boundaries of animation and showing the world how independent creators can leverage the power of NFTs and blockchain technology to realize their creative visions.


"NMKR are a team of genuinely good and brilliant people. From my earliest involvement with the CNFT ecosystem, they have been there to help me get my footing and understand what it takes to sustain a successful project."
Jesse Moynihan, Creator Jesus 2