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Maker Review
April 21, 2022
Welcome to the 7th episode of The MAKER Review!
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Maiores ab sed ipsa atque cumque eos assumenda aut eum. Reprehenderit omnis dolor r

Greetings CNFT family, we hope you are all well and (despite the tumultuous macro conditions) we hope you are managing to enjoy the Spring!

We at NMKR have reached some amazing milestones in the previous month! We had our 1st birthday, launched the $NMKR token for the CNFT community and on 29th April we smashed through 1MILLION NFTs minted!As we mentioned in last months' feature, there was a Fan Art Competition with the opportunity to win a Space Bud NFT. This competition is now closed, and the top 10 entries will be selected and put to the vote amongst the team to select the top 3. Did you get your entry in before closing?! Spoiler Alert! There are some EPIC pieces that have been produced by what is clearly a hugely artistic talent pool in our community. well done to everyone that got involved.

Now moving on, we have another truly special project featuring in this months' MAKER Review. The team behind this project is championing the use case for NFTs that will surely be the catalyst for mass adoption - real world value! Through their unique twist on a concept that have recently taken metaverse and NFTs by storm, this very talented and very small group have achieved a tremendous amount to satisfy a massive community and release successfully. We are obviously talking about TurfNFT! In addition to a content rich article with plenty to learn from, there is also a very special surprise exclusively for our readers so ensure you read all the way through or you will miss it! We sat down with Co-Founder Garm to learn more about this awesome CNFT Gem. Let’s get it!

Your Turf NFT, in reality

MAKER Review (MR) Intro: Hello! It's a great pleasure to have the Turf-NFT project  featured for our April 2022 edition of the MAKER Review. This is where we highlight the most intriguing, and original CNFT projects to launch on NMKR. As ever, we’ll start off the big question;

MR Q1: Can you tell us why you chose Cardano? What is it about this blockchain that convinced you it was the place to launch your NFT project?

Turf-NFT (T): There was no other option of course! Jokes aside, there are a few clear reasons why we chose Cardano. First of all Turf is a celebration of the beauty of our planet & that means we don’t want to negatively impact the environment with the blockchain we utilise. The fact that Cardano is based on Proof of Stake vs. Proof of Work, and therefore many times more energy efficient, was a key factor in choosing our blockchain. Second, we read some of the scientific background on Cardano and this paper comparing Proof of Stake based protocols after which we came to the conclusion that Cardano’s Ouroboros makes all the right decisions in balancing scalability, block finality and security.

MR: Nice! I think that’s the most comprehensive answer we have ever received. Thank you! I suppose the next question is…

MR Q2: Who are we? How big is your team and what are the key roles? Do you have in-house artists/designers?

T: Currently we are a core team of 2 people, Garm and Ralph. We met while working for a tech startup and reconnected discussing art, cartography and NFTs one day.

Garm was involved in creating OG NFT project CardanoSpace and is working on a variety of crypto projects. Ralph is the creator of the cartographic art and a software developer by day.

Besides Garm & Ralph there are some amazing Turf community members that help out with managing the Discord server and creating assets for use on Twitter and other social media.



MR: It’s amazing when previous connections flourish and equally when the community comes together to elevate a project. If you like, would you like to take this moment to “shout-out” to any of your esteemed community members?!

T: The biggest shoutout possible to LeNouk who has been instrumental in making the Turf community fun and welcoming!

MR: Nice work, LeNouk!

MR Q3: When and where did you hear about NMKR Studio for the first time, and what were the reasons that attracted you to the platform?

T: Garm really wanted a tool like NMKR Studio to exist when he coded CardanoSpace and was delighted to see Patrick launch a pro version of NMKR as he knew it was going to make his next project a lot easier.

NFT Maker Pro takes care of so many moving parts that we would have otherwise managed ourselves that it became the obvious choice.

A great example of this is refunds.

Previously, Garm processed all refunds manually. With NMKR Studio this happens automatically, zero fingers lifted. And that’s a huge benefit, as we found out during the day of our prelaunch. There was quite some congestion on the network, which meant some transactions didn’t come through in time and had to be refunded. This was automatically taken care of by NMKR, saving us a lot of hassle and time!

T: Turf creates cartographic NFTs / wall art.

Turf is interactive cartographic art. We generate gorgeous 1/1 NFTs based on the map of the entire planet, which you can interact with in a 3D environment and frame as beautiful 4K physical artworks.

New York Turf NFT

In our Google Maps like interface you can select exactly which 2km squares you want to own yourself. Once bought, no one else can get a Turf of that piece of earth anymore.
That means there’s only 1 NFT with the Eiffel Tower on it, 1 NFT of where you met your spouse, and just 1 NFT with your home on it – if you buy it you’re the only one who can claim ownership of your neighbourhood. Your turf.
The Turf NFT comes with a reproduction license. Owners of Turf NFTs are allowed to create and sell prints of the Turfs they own. In fact, we encourage it! We intend to offer a printing service for Turf holders. If a Turf owner desires, we can sell prints of their Turf to the general public for them - the owner would then receive a % of the proceeds of every sale.
The Turf landscape will be fragmented at first. Over time, we expect people will collect many adjacent Turf squares to completely own the city they live in - or at least the entirety of Manhattan. You'll be able to burn adjacent Turfs to get one big merged Turf that contains one big artwork combining all of your Turf NFTs.
We’re currently working on both the merging feature and printing service and are releasing them as quickly as we can.
Some other stuff too...
We hope that by blending cartographic art with a gorgeous interactive 3D NFT component we are able to attract a large mainstream audience. There are many early adopters out there that are interested in the concept of NFTs, but are put off by the idea of buying a profile picture of a bored ape. They may be interested in getting an NFT that they can hang though, especially when the NFT depicts their hometown.
Rarity is not really baked into the Turf NFTs. Because they’re 1/1 for every 2km place all Turfs are rare in a way. All Turfs are created equal, but cities’ maps are not exactly created equal.
There’s lots of different ways to think of rarity for Turf NFTs:
How many people visit a place and have developed some emotional or spiritual connection with that place. The amount of Turfs available divided by the number of inhabitants in a place The number of waterways in the place How many have your house on them
We think that the community will come up with incredibly creative ways of determining the rarity and value of Turf NFTs, and are very curious what will happen!

MR: WOW! This certainly is a very unique, and novel use-case for NFTs. It’s certainly possible that bridging the gap between the material world and blockchain assets is where the catalyst for mainstream adoption is TurfNFT is pioneering the way forward. WE LOVE IT!

Turf NFT's 'Google Maps' style minting interface!

MR Q5: Tell us about your experiences in using NMKR Studio. What was the platform like to work with in practice? Did you have any challenges when building the framework?

T: All in all the NMKR API is very well described and easy to use, and the testnet version is incredibly useful to test new functionality before going live. Another thing to note is that the team is very responsive on Discord, and always willing to help!
One funny situation that we ran into is with our prelaunch. We had all systems ready to go, and thoroughly tested on the testnet version of the API. A few hours before going live we switched to mainnet, and wanted to do a few last end-to-end tests. At that moment we realized that the V2 of the API wasn’t officially launched yet on mainnet, and so we weren’t sure whether all the endpoints would work that we used to build the platform. Luckily we got in touch with the team very soon, and they assured us that even though it wasn’t officially live yet, the endpoints would work as expected.

MR: Our turn to shout-out to Phil. He is our Hero in Support!!

Q6: Which front-end functions and back-end infrastructure for dealing with customer payments did you implement and why?

T: Aside from the normal NFT Maker Pro integration, we also integrated with a 3rd party payment processor called Fung. Because Turf is incorporated in the Netherlands, we’re subject to strict KYC & AML regulation, which require us to collect some personal information about our customers. Because we don’t want to collect any of this information ourselves we use Fung’s service to collect this in a secure and privacy preserving way. We don’t like this situation either, as we explained in this recent Twitter thread.

MR: Indeed! It’s certainly better to be on the safe side of regulation, especially when the project is sincere and customer-focused. You did the right thing! Speaking of customer satisfaction…

Q7: Can you articulate how you formulated the user interface and experience of your website and why you decided on this final design and functionality?

T: The unique thing about Turf is that you can select exactly which 2km squares you want to own yourself in our Google Maps like interface.
That’s very different from most NFT projects out there with a send money, then receive an NFT with some element of chance to pull a rare one design.
We deliberately chose this design because we believe that the true power of Turf is owning a Turf connected to a place you have an emotional connection with. I’m super excited with the Turf of my hometown, much more excited than I would ever be randomly pulling a rare Turf of Manhattan for instance. Sure, Manhattan is cool and it would have substantial resale value - but I don’t care as much about Manhattan as I do the place I grew up in.
That’s why we really wanted to invest in this unique minting experience.
So far we’ve seen a lot of enthusiasm around it by people who feel the same way.
To cater to those who do want to acquire a piece of Turf for its resale value we are considering different ways to obtain Turfs of highly sought after places such as Manhattan. Maybe we’ll do a randomized drop of Manhattan. Or an allowlist. Or an auction.

MR: It’s awesome to see how much you thought about the customer experience and cared enough to invest in tech that wasn’t an easy, regurgitated design.

MR Q8: How do you feel about your launch? Is there anything you would do differently next time?

T: Happy!
From an NFT Maker Pro perspective almost everything went exactly according to plan. Almost, as we did need to manually remove some NFTs that had the status “free, but after some swift hacking we managed to resolve this issue.
From the perspective of our own built technology we were definitely anxious to see how the mint would unfold - let’s just say our hands were not sweaty, drenched is more like it. The tech had been tested in the pre-launch, but we made so many changes that it would be another thrilling ride. We were really hoping that people would have a great experience and the systems would hold up - alas we did have some unexpected behaviour and some customers that had a less-than-perfect experience picking their squares. Some late night Corona cervezas and creative coding helped us overcome those challenges though, and now we’re super excited to have the mint ongoing on a continuous basis.

MR: A few well deserved rounds of cervezas, too!

Q9: What’s next for your project? How do you envision the evolution of your NFTs?

T: A bright future awaits Turf NFTs.
We’re now working on features to (a) merge your Turfs and (b) get a print of your Turfs.
a) When we release the merging feature, owners of adjacent Turf squares can combine them to create ever bigger and more beautiful artworks. We’ve been dreaming about this feature since the inception of Turf, and are very excited to see that the community shares our dream to create and collect the biggest Turfs possible.
When this feature is complete the game of owning a Turf changes. As Turfs are initially fragmented, holders will need to start collecting and trading with others in the community in order to get the biggest Turf on the block.
People love to collect things and people love owning big things.
b) when the print shop becomes available, people will be able to buy high quality prints of their turfs.
If a Turf owner desires, we can sell prints of their Turf to the general public - the owner would then receive a % of the proceeds of every sale. That’s also why we think that a lot of people will be interested in getting a Turf of highly visited places like Paris - aside from the people living there there’s a lot of tourists visiting these places who may want a nice souvenir.

MR: The value that you are giving to the community is truly inspiring and we are certainly proud supporters of the Turf NFTs! Speaking of which, I believe you have an amazing treat for the NMKR community?! Please do elaborate…

T: We’ve created a NFT Maker Pro x Turf promotional NFT that readers can mint for free - all it costs you is the base transaction costs of about 0.5 ADA! Here’s a preview of what it looks like:

To get it, send 2 ADA to addr1v8c2kqwprvsk0k572ejwv7ryz3af0dg6cm5zj28kq7dkyes679dg8 - The NFT will then be sent back to you alongside 2 ADA.

MR: This is UNBELIEVABLE! We are so excited about this, and cannot thank you enough for doing this for our readers. Ok, time for composure..

MR Q10: Any final words of advice for the readers who may be planning their own NFT launch?

T: you may be tempted to build it yourself - especially if you know how to code - but it’s really best to focus your valuable time on the differentiating factors of your NFT project & take advantage of NFT Maker’s built in features.
Finally - thank you for having us! Please check out our unique Google Maps like minting interface on if you haven’t already to see if places that mean a lot to you are still available. In case you come across a blocked city - these are becoming available soon. Learn more here 👀

MR: We are really happy for you, and cannot wait to see these features come to fruition. And soon, no doubt!

MAKER Moments...

In this new segment, we will be giving a hint of something BIG coming up this month. This is a monumental event you will not want to miss...

With the $NMKR ICO now over, next up is the Public IDO! For more information on what exactly is $NMKR, take a look at this!

The Numbers!

NMKR has done it! We achieved the  MONUMENTAL 1M NFT milestone on 29th April! Here is how the journey looks so far...

April 2022 in numbers

To celebrate the 1Millionth NFT achievement, we will now select the Top 10 entries to the competition that we held last month. From this selection, we will put the vote out to the community in the very near future. Please keep an eye on our Twitter and join the community on Discord for more details.

Well that was enlightening! So much experience featured, so many milestones achieved and yet so much more to come! We'll see you in early June for the MAKER Review of May 2022 with even more amazing CNFT goodness. Danke!